Unmanned Frontier Operations Inc

UFO Inc provides drone services for survey and inspection applications across Western Canada.

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More than just drone services, UFO Inc conducts military grade drone operations on behalf of our clients. Drones have proven to be very capable tools for both survey and inspection activities. They increase work site safety by allowing surveyors and inspectors to perform their jobs from the ground and away from hazardous areas.

In many industries such as energy, construction, mining, communications, and environmental, safety is a top priority. But safety doesn’t have to mean higher costs and increased survey and inspection times. In fact, drones can also be faster and more affordable than traditional methods, especially when you factor in cost of pausing operations while these activities take place.

With flexible platforms and cameras, paired with powerful software, we can quickly deliver high quality products to our clients. Our mobile command centre enables us to provide real time data to engineers for time-critical jobs.

Like our clients, safety is our top priority and we work closely with Transport Canada, Nav Canada, and local agencies to ensure all operations are conducted in accordance with applicable UAV regulations and local laws. You can rest assured that every operation will be carefully planned and carried out by trained professionals working under a Special Flight Operation Certificate issued by Transport Canada.

We don’t just provide drone services, we conduct drone operations.

Our Mission Statement

UFO Inc’s mission is to help our clients incorporate drones into their day-to-day operations, increasing work site safety and reducing expenses.