Our drone’s capabilities meet or exceed that of traditional ground or air based equipment and is a┬áTransport Canada approved compliant platform. This flexibility allows us to perform a greater variety of missions in more extreme conditions compared to what is possible with a hobby grade drone.


What makes UFO Inc different


As commercial drone use becomes more affordable and popular across all industries, UFO Inc decided to address the issue that many companies face when looking to incorporate drones into their operations. With the ever changing regulations governing drone use and the training and equipment required to maintain a drone program, many companies are hesitant to invest in developing a drone program.

To address this issue and to encourage the use of drones in commercial and industrial environments, UFO Inc specializes in the operations of drones in a safe and effective manner, so that you can focus on your business.

Many of us have friends and family that work in hazardous areas, such as on oil rigs, near high voltage power lines, or on the roof of new building. While sometimes required, when at all possible we want to keep our friends and family away from dangerous situations. Our goal is to use drones reduce the amount of time spend in these situations, while still enabling folks to complete their vital work.

Aerial Photogrammetry

Aerial photogrammetry is generally used for visual inspection and surveying applications. It uses multiple photos of an area or object along with advanced processing software to create a variety of geospatial products such as Digital Elevation Models, geo-referenced maps, and 3D models. We use this method when clients need a high precision survey for a new construction project, a volumetric assessment at a mining site, or a 3D CAD model of a wind turbine blade.

Aerial Thermography

Aerial thermography is used for thermal inspections where the desired information is not visible to the naked eye. Our radiometric camera can accurately measure the temperature of a target, allowing the detection of hidden faults that can lead to deadly and costly disasters. This capability allows us to help our clients detect and diagnose faults such as excessive building heat loss, heat buildup in electrical equipment, or hot spots in oil and gas infrastructure.

(In Development) Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS)

As Transport Canada develops policies and regulations for BVLOS operations in Canadian airspace, we are also working with the unmanned community to develop internal processes and procedures to enable us to work within the bounds of these regulations. Infrastructure can be spread out over a huge area and many times the only option to survey, inspect, or monitor this infrastructure is by using traditional satellite and manned aircraft. Drones can do a comparable, if not superior, job while reducing risks and costs associated with these traditional methods. If you are interested in taking advantage of BVLOS drone technology, please contact us!

(In Development) Ground and Marine Platforms

Using multiple platforms together allow us to create a comprehensive picture of the environment. Aerial imagery can only see so much, there is also a massive amount of infrastructure that is underground and underwater. There is also infrastructure that requires internal inspections. The best way to remotely collect data in these scenarios is to have dedicated platforms designed to safely navigate, withstand harsh conditions, and carry specialized equipment and sensors.